Arm or Leg Pain?

Many people have never tried chiropractic care for arm or leg pain, yet people suffer from chronic pain. We are here to help you know what options you may have.

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The most accurate technique to diagnose arm or leg discomfort is to rule out any obvious explanations first, and then look for a more subtle condition that follows. A dislocated shoulder after participating in certain sports or leisure activities, or even a pinched nerve from sleeping in a poor position, may indicate that you have sustained an injury that is causing your discomfort. A medical evaluation, on the other hand, may be required if you are suffering pain that began slowly and has become persistent and does not appear to have an obvious source of origin.

Chronic arm or leg pain may indicate that one of the joints in your spine is out of alignment, which could be the cause of your discomfort. As a result of this misalignment, the areas where your nerves exit your spine get increasingly narrow. You may experience soreness throughout your body since your nerves have less space to exist in due to this restriction.

A consequence of this is that damage to the vertebrae in your spine might result in discomfort anywhere along the length of your spine. In addition, because the sciatic nerve travels from just below one hip all the way down to both feet, it is fairly common for pain to occur in this area of the body. If you have an injury that affects your neurological system, you may experience symptoms such as tingling or numbness in your extremities. These feelings point to specific places where damage may have occurred, resulting in increased intensity levels of pain associated there.


If you are experiencing chronic pain in your limbs, it is critical that you contact a medical practitioner for an accurate diagnosis and treatment. Because of the complexity of these joints, finding the cause can be challenging; however, with a thorough assessment by a chiropractor, who will utilize physical exams and imaging, any potential problems can be identified and treated.

If you are having arm or leg discomfort, don't wait until it becomes severe before seeking medical attention. Call NuSpine Chiropractic today to schedule a consultation and get non-invasive treatment for your pain.


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